Antaryami Tarai — A Teacher in Making

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2 min readFeb 15, 2022

‘I have always felt that the true textbook for the pupil is his teacher’

Mahatma Gandhi — The Story of My Experiment with Truth

India is a developing country and there is a high aspiration among the emerging middle class to settle with high-collard jobs in engineering, business management or medical fields. A few also are aspiring teachers but seeking positions in high credible universities or global schools. But there are only a few bright greenhorns who dare to be transformers at their grassroots as teachers.

Meet Antaryami Tarai, a student of class 8 from Pandupalli Village in Odisha’s Sambalpur district. A student of Jayantpur Ashram School, Antaryami is the youngest among three brothers, whose father is a farmer.

Even though a child, Antaryami has felt the importance of quality education and the role of technology in improving learning skills among his village counterparts. He wants to be a teacher and become a role model for others to follow. He wants to master computer skills and use technology to make ease all his work.

According to Antaryami, Aveti Learning App helps him see his dream coming true as it helps him learn concepts effectively, not by mugging. Through the practice questions and animations curated in Aveti Learning App, he can perform better in the school exams.

Antaryami enjoys the weekly spoken English modules facilitated by Aveti Learning. He says he’s spoken English used to be weak but now considerably improved after subscribing to the programme. In Zoom sessions, there are also doubts clearing sessions which help him understand the concepts better.

Truly Antaryami is a role model for many rural students of his age in Odisha. We wish him all the best for his bright future.



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