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Aveti Learning Leads the Way in Language Learning and Speech Data with Cutting-Edge AI and ML Technologies

Sibabrata Choudhury, Aveti Learning

Primary education in a child’s first language or mother tongue is crucial to early learning and considered as most effective strategy for developing strong academic foundations and a base for acquiring proficiency in other languages. The use of mother tongue as medium of instruction in early grades enable children to develop a strong education foundation.

For students in Classes I–V dropout rate is higher among ST students compared to other students;

Odisha is home to 62 Scheduled Tribes with their ethno-linguistics variations across the state. In Odisha Mother Tongue based Multi Lingual Education (MLE) programme was introduced in 2007–08 as a model for equitable quality education for the tribal children. The idea was to enable the students to develop appropriate cognitive and reasoning skills and to acquire proficiency in other languages (School and Mass Education Department Notification 2014).

A decade has since passed and more schools are adopting digital learning methods which has the ability to revolutionize education by leveraging technology. Digital learning systems incorporate interactive elements such as multimedia, simulations, and gamification, making learning engaging, interactive, and fun. This fosters active participation and knowledge retention. It is essential to develop appropriate learning content in the local language that students can comprehend.

To cope with the demand for e-learning content various efforts have been initiated by Government, NGOs and startups. Aveti Learning has created a comprehensive repository of contextualized digital learning content and teaching tools that is adopted by thousands of students in Odisha. Aveti Learning is leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to create effective digital content for students.

MLE program to develop appropriate cognitive skills and to acquire proficiency in other languages

Students should have the option to learn in their mother tongue. With this in mind, Aveti Learning has developed contextualized content in the language of instruction in most of the schools in Odisha. In the context of digital education tribal and indigenous communities, which use low-resource languages, have not been adequately served. To address this gap, Aveti Learning partnered with researchers from IIT-Dharwad to create cutting-edge Speech-to-Speech Translation, Text to Speech (TTS), Machine Learning (ML), and Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) systems in two Odisha tribal languages — Mundari and Kui.

The ‘Speech Data Project on Tribal Languages’ project developed in partnership with Professors at IIT Dharwad has potential to contribute to language preservation, increased accessibility, empowerment of tribal communities, and advancements in AI and ML. One of the key objectives of this collaboration between Aveti Learning and IIT Dharwad is to create a technological framework for conversion of educational content from scheduled languages to tribal languages.

Voice data collection underway in Deogarh, Odisha

This project will only help preserve unique characteristics of tribal languages by creating speech datasets but also enable developers to increase accessibility and inclusivity in technology. By involving community members in the process, we empower tribal communities and provide them with a greater voice in developing technologies that impact their lives.

Aveti Learning, with its extensive experience in developing practical teaching solutions for vernacular languages, brings valuable insights and expertise to the table. IIT Dharwad’s expertise in speech and language processing, coupled with the knowledge of AI and ML, complements Aveti Learning’s domain knowledge. Together, the aim is to develop an effective speech-to-speech translation system that can facilitate the seamless transformation of educational content into tribal languages.

Text to speech recording in Studio setting at Sambalpur

The significance of this effort lies in its potential to revolutionize education for tribal communities. By ensuring educational material is available in their mother tongues, children will have easier comprehension, enhanced learning experiences, and continued support from their parents and communities. This work aligns with the vision of empowering marginalized communities and creating equal opportunities for education, paving the way for a brighter future for tribal children.



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