From Scratch to Silver : A recounting of Aveti’s journey to the 100k subscriber mark

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3 min readDec 15, 2022
Aveti Team with the Silver Play Button

The 5th of December was a joyous day for Aveti Learning. At eleven o’clock in the morning, YouTube’s Silver Play Button arrived at Aveti’s head office. Two years of hard work and months of research went into this Silver Play Button by Aveti Learning. This jaw-dropping proof badge is a well-publicized reward for reaching the one-hundred-thousand-subscriber milestone on YouTube. On March 20, 2019, Aveti Learning kicked off its campaign on YouTube. On this particular occasion, the channel’s debut video was the ‘Tuna Tuni cartoon video’. As of this moment, the video has garnered more than 9 lakh views. Through more than 1500 posted videos and more than 900 live classes, Aveti Learning has already achieved a total of more than 90 lakh views.

It’s all in the achiever’s grin.

During the time that the COVID pandemic was sweeping the globe, the general population was preoccupied with three primary concerns: the growing fear of COVID, the supply of food, and the education of children. The education of children was impeded because schools and tutoring facilities were forced to close for an unspecified period of time. Students in grades nine and ten, in particular, were unable to finish their curriculum. At this time Aveti Learning appeared as the saviour for the students by providing free Live Classes on YouTube. Students in the eighth, ninth, and tenth grades attended the live classes provided by Aveti Learning. These online sessions covered the entirety of the students’ curriculum for an educational year.

Social Science faculty Mr. Paramvir Chakra hosting an engaging session on YouTube

Alongside this, Aveti Learning devised an exciting new online program known as the ‘Aveti Guest Lecture Series’ to help pass the tedious period of Lockdown and educate students on a variety of fascinating ideas. The children were given the opportunity to meet several dignitaries from a variety of areas during the course of this series, during which they also got the chance to go on virtual tours that took them to a number of notable and historical locations from across the world. In response to the high level of enthusiasm shown by the students, Aveti Learning YouTube Channel offered study courses for numerous state-wide and national tests, including the NMMS, PMST, and NRTS. We hope that the children’ enthusiasm and interest in learning continues to grow and that the Aveti Learning YouTube Channel continues to achieve more and greater popularity.

The 100k milestone was celebrated with great jubilation and enthusiasm at Aveti Learning.



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