Meet the Wonder Boy Chinmya Majhi — A Scientist in Making

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3 min readFeb 1, 2022

Ratan Tata, Sundar Pichai and Bill Gates — all these inspirational souls share one message for younger people — ideas, not money that will transform the lives of people and the world for a better future. Yes, today’s most successful and impactful ventures of the Silicon Valley had their origin in humble garages, not in fancy corporate parks.

Meet Chinmaya Majhi, a student of class 8, not from any big city, but from a remote village called Halupalli in Odisha’s Bargarh district. Chimmya, a dreamer, a problem solver through innovations is an aspirational Astro Scientist. At this young age, he has built up a deep communication network with several scientists and institutions across India and the world to meet his passion and prepare for the future road map.

Chinmaya is an Avetian for the last two years. In his words, Aveti Learning has immensely contributed to his growth. The animated video content curated for school students of Odisha in the YouTube channel of Aveti Learning helps him to understand the concepts better and remember them for life long. Chinmaya has also benefited greatly from the Spoken English modules offered by Aveti. He has enhanced his communication skill in English through these modules and is able to make dialogues with students and experts in the US.

Chinmaya further shares his experiences from the guest lectures facilitated by subject experts in Aveti Channel. What he has learnt from these guest lectures are not available in the textbooks and taught in schools. Because of his merit, he is offered to access the content of the 9th class even though he is in the 8th class.

At the time of Covid 19, social distancing became the new norm. But there are no devices readily available for measuring the distance and making people alert. Chinmaya innovated a device that rings like an alarm through censor when people come closer and break the prescribed norms of social distancing.

Chinmaya is a source of inspiration for millions of Odia kids of his age. The place does not matter; one can shine anywhere and lead the world for transformation if there is a will. Chinmaya shares, because of his financial condition he wants to initiate a startup for maths learning through fun. The money he would earn can be used to pursue his dream.

We wish all the best to Chinmaya!



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