Sambhav : A Story of New Sunrise

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2 min readMar 18, 2022

Aveti Shikhyaniketan Sambhav — Aveti’s New Learning Initiatives at Nayagarh’s Sambhav

Sunita, a school going girl from a small village in Odisha’s Nayagarh District! Surrounded by mountains and crisscrossing rivers, Sunita’s village may appear scenic, but it is far away from accessing quality education. Of late Government has started intervening and Sunita is privileged to access Government’s remedial, but when it comes to higher-order thinking, Sunita is left behind.

Sunita’s father is a farmer. He can’t afford Sunita’s tuition in the nearby Odagaon Town. However, there lies hope for Sunita, thanks to Samhav, an institution of excellence facilitated by Padmasree Sabaramatee. Sambhav is a farming institution started 30 years back by Sabarmatee and her father Prof Radhamohan. Sambhav has received several laurels and made a considerable impact in organic farming in the whole of India. However, for decades both Prof Radhamohan and his daughter Sabarmatee had a deep interest in school education. However, even though they had resources and necessary infrastructure they had not been able to intervene in school education.

“Students At Aveti Shikhyaniketan Sambhav”

Here comes Aveti’s partnership with Sambhav, thanks to Mr Manoj Das. After the initial discussion, Mr Sameer from Aveti spends a couple of days at Sambhav and explores the possibilities of bringing out quality education at Sambhav premises. Through these initial discussions is born Aveti Sikhyaniketan Sambhav. This noble institution is now a month old.

Aveti is a technology-based organization. However, at Sambhav it was realized that only technology cannot solve the problem. A local young man from the village Rohianka, Mr Raghunath Rout was appointed to look after the programme’s smooth functioning. Technology is extensively used at Aveti Sikhyaniketan Sambhav. Raghunath is a graduate, but he is not a trained teacher. In this context, the role of technology, facilitated by Aveti plays a role. Raghunath was trained by Aveti’s Technology Team for a week and then he is sent to Sambhav for the job.

Thanks to the joint efforts of Raghunath from Aveti and Sabarmatee from Sambhav, for the last couple of days 18 children from nearby areas have started accessing quality education at Aveti Shikhyaniketan Sambhav. This is just the beginning. We are not claiming that we have changed the system. It will go on improvisation as time moves. On its development, we will come up with yet another blog on Aveti Shikhyaniketan Sambhav.



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