Students master math concepts through technology innovation in Deogarh District, Odisha

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3 min readDec 6, 2023

In today’s digital age, access to quality education is no longer a privilege but a fundamental right. Aveti Learning is committed to bridging this gap, and we’re doing so through innovative digital learning interventions. With a belief to bring world class education to every classroom, Aveti Learning has developed a comprehensive repository of contextualized learning content and teaching tools already adopted by thousands of students across Odisha.

The e-learning content consists of multiple descriptive video capsules mapped as per grade wise concepts and competencies. The hallmark of this model includes a question bank after each video lesson, that helps students to practice the concepts for much improved learning experience. As Satyajit, a class 10 Student in Deogarh remarked, I loved the questions most because it helped me practice more questions and showed me the option if I’m doing wrong or right, which is helping me to practice more.”

In a remarkable development, math practice module was introduced across 83 schools in Deogarh District in July 2023. The Math Lab is designed as a learning space to enhance students’ mathematical understanding and conceptual clarity. It is based on the Mastery-based Learning model where students progress through curriculum and master skills and content. Students move at their own pace and their learning path is determined by their growth rather than by the time they spend on a topic.

The math lab introduces a personalized approach to enhance concept clarity and boosts the confidence and motivation of the students. The Math Lab promotes creative and effective math education, empowering students with the necessary skills to excel in their academic and future endeavors.

Mastery Based Learning to Improve Mathematical Ability

  • Students have Unique User ID to practice at their own learning pace
  • Software platform is designed on Mastery Based learning system that allows students personalized learning at their own pace
  • Practice questions are aligned as per subject topics and mapped as per Skills to be mastered
  • Teachers identify specific struggle areas where student needs support — Student wise progress card is tracked on Dashboard
  • Students proficient in specific topics can be encouraged to support colleagues

Students must master objectives before moving on to the next topic, and they must demonstrate mastery via what we call a “mastery check.” The Math Lab is a technology tools for students to practice on each learning objective to achieve mastery in each required competency.

For any program the proper tools and resources should be made accessibly to the users. For the math lab program, the schools had the computer systems developed through the Govt. of Odisha School Transformation initiative. Aveti Team worked closely for over one month with the teachers and District Education authorities to guide them through the enrollment process. Now over 6800 students across 83 schools are enrolled in the system and practicing the concepts for nearly one hour every week. Over the past two months, students have been enrolled in over 261 unique courses and practiced 16500 exercises, each exercise with multiple number of practice questions.

A visual dashboard enables the District Education Officer to review the progress in each school and how each student is learning in the system. Realtime tracking feature is another standout feature of the Math Lab. The teachers can monitor progress, identify strengths and areas where students need additional coaching. The data-driven approach enables personalized guidance and equipped to track performance growth of students.

“I like the Get Hint Feature in the Math Lab which helps me get more clarity. When I practice, I can clearly see how many I have practiced and how many I could answer correctly.”

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